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Our Approach

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  • Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. (LMC) provides unique, office-based systems for Lifestyle Medicine and targeted nutrient protocols (Weight Loss 5x5™ and Physician Nutrients™). cheap cialis pills online

  • These provide a suite of services that include medical treatment, exercise prescription, nutritional therapies using food and supplemental nutrients, all to improve patient outcomes viagra prices at sams club

  • LMC provides time efficient, peer to peer education for the physician and staff in evidence- based lifestyle medicine and nutrient therapies. video de como introducir cytotec

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  • These systems are turn-key applications for ease of implementation. We know that adding new services to an already busy practice can be challenging.

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  • These products meet market demand for fee-for-service personalized medicine services.

  • Practitioner captures insurance-independent revenue opportunity.

The Market

LMC was launched to seize financial opportunity for physicians created by irrefutable epidemiologic data and staggering market demand. Over 60% of the United States population is overweight or obese. Studies show that each year millions enroll in self-help weight loss programs and “most patients want more help with weight management than they are getting from their… physician”. 53% of U.S. adults use at least one dietary supplement. Most self-diagnose and self-direct; a majority would prefer physician supervision and direction. National Business Journal, the leading market authority on nutrient supplements estimates that U.S. consumer sales of supplements grew nearly 7 percent to $28.7 billion in  best viagra alternative

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The Opportunity
The physician identifies the opportunity in their practice to seamlessly incorporate Lifestyle Medicine services in an insurance-independent revenue model, utilizing staff to generate revenue, transitioning staff overhead from cost to revenue center, and minimal physician time investment.

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Turn-key Implementation

Increased professional credibility by offering researched and clinically tested Lifestyle Medicine services. “Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes” (TLC), are incorporated into Weight Loss 5x5™, as recommended by the NIH, CDC, NHLBI, American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association to lose weight, lower cholesterol and control diabetes. Physician Nutrients utilize supplements with demonstrated efficacy in evidence-based research: e.g., NIH position on glucosamine sulfate- available evidence from randomized controlled trials supports the use of glucosamine sulfate in the treatment of osteoarthritis, particularly of the knee. Glucosamine sulfate received a grade of “A” for evidence of effectiveness in patients with knee osteoarthritis (mild-to-moderate).


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Frederick T. Sutter, MD, MBA 
Over 15 years of clinical experience and research in nutritional medicine. Author:  “Orthopedic Surgery: Nutrients to Optimize Outcomes” in Food and Nutrients in Disease Management  and “Surgery: Nutrient Therapy to Optimize Outcomes” in Food and Nutrients in Disease Management, Second Edition

Lifestyle Medicine
Consultants, Inc.
Outcomes-driven weight loss & nutrient prescription systems for the medical office

Training & Equipment zoloft the rock and roll destroyer

Implementation process for the medical office: viagra etkisi yaratan yiyecekler

- Identify physician/staff person to oversee/administer program

-Pre-market the program(s) in-house, to start pts Monday after training

 - Receive and set up your equipment (BIA machine) prednisone richter prospect

- Attend a training seminar or train in your office.

Our clinical process was developed from peer reviewed research and monitoring outcomes to implement best practices. LMC has documented the process so you don’t have to. videos de cipro el salvador besos con pupu


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Dor A, et al., “A Heavy Burden: The Individual Costs of Being Overweight and Obese in the United States.” Research Report. The GWU School of Public Health and Health Services, Department of Health Policy, Sept 2010.

Tsai AG, and Wadden TA, “Systematic Review: An Evaluation of Major Commercial Weight Loss Programs in the United States”, Ann Intern Med. 2005;142:56-66. tomtom cipro mappa

Potter MB, Vu JD, Croughan-Minihane M, “Weight management: what patients want from their primary care physicians”, J Fam Pract. 2001Jun;50(6):513-8. prednisone pack withdrawal

Gahche J, et al., “Dietary Supplement Use Among U.S. Adults Has Increased Since NHANES III (1988-1994).” NCHS Data Brief. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 2011, No. 61.

MedlinePlus, U.S. National Library of Medicine, NIH. 7-27-2010

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