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Become a Provider

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Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. provides the evidence based practice model for the implementation of Lifestyle Medicine in your office. traduzione cipro italiano

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Steps to Become a Provider


1. Have an interest in providing evidence-based Lifestyle Medicine interventions.

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2. Reserve your training date with a deposit.

3. Complete our physician lead training, either at one of our seminars or at your office. Weight Loss 5x5™ training is a day and a half and Physician Nutrients™ is a half day training.

4. With LMC guidelines and peer to peer pearls, you quickly implement and practice healthy lifestyle choices so that staff members can benefit and more effectively support patients.

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5. Personal staff experience is a driver for success.

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6. Implement the turn-key system with your patients, including full service clinical and administrative processes. We will support your staff and we have developed the processes and necessary forms to facilitate ease and speed of implementation.

7. Track biometric and patient reported outcomes with LMC systems.

8. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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