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The Concerns

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The Solution is Physician Nutrients™

1. 53% of U. S. adults use at least one dietaryPatients are self diagnosing and self-directing supplement use, including type and dosage.

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1. A 2002 JAMA article states that “Physicians should make specific efforts to learn about their patients’use of vitamins to ensure that they are taking vitamins they should”. Physician Nutrients™ is a system developed for physicians to recommend the appropriate supplements for their patients. The NIH Office of Dietary Supplements instructs the public not to decide to take dietary supplements to treat a health condition that they have diagnosed themselves without first consulting a health care provider. They have also made available an APP for the consumer to keep track of the supplements they are taking which includes a function to email the list to health care providers. Be confident in offering your patients a solution to the conundrum of what type and dosages of supplements to take.

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2.Supplement manufacturing varies greatly and patients want access to quality product. A March 2010 CBS News report stated that testing of fish oil from many popular store brands found that levels of PCBs varied wildly from about 12 nanograms per recommended dose in the best performer to 850 nanograms in the worst. foods that work like viagra

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2. There are 4 important features Physician Nutrients™ examines when choosing supplements: Adherence to clearly defined and controlled manufacturing guidelines– cGMP, ISO 9000, NSF™; Authenticity of ingredients and dosage with each capsule or tablet consistently containing the same amount and stated ingredients in each, in researched-based doses; Purity of ingredients is determined by state of the art laboratory analysis; Ingredients should be bio-available.

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3.   Physicians are finding they have less and less time to spend with patients.

3. Physician Nutrients™ was designed by a busy physician, incorporating a staff supported model to limit the practitioner’s time commitment and generating passive revenue streams. traduzione cipro italiano

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4. Physicians face declining reimbursements. The Nielsen Wire reports: American households headed by people age 65 and older spent 55% more on vitamins than the average American households during the 52 weeks ending June 28, 2008.

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4. Physician Nutrients™ provides an insurance-independent revenue model, by making supplements conveniently available to the consumer. drugstore canada pharmacy practice

5. Physicians need a straightforward and affordable way to implement Lifestyle Medicine in their practices. acne scars after accutane treatments

5. Physician Nutrients ™is a turn-key system with clearly defined, clinical and administrative, comprehensive processes to accelerate implementation.

6. Physicians don’t have the time to “sell” to patients. viagra prices at sams club

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6. Physician Nutrients™ training will instruct the physician’s staff how to quickly and easily educate the patient about the program, utilizing talking points and printed materials. zithromax dosing for pertussis prophylaxis

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1 Gahche J, et al., “Dietary Supplement Use Among U.S. Adults Has Increased Since NHANES III (1988-1994).” NCHS Data Brief. U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, April 2011, No. 61. doxycycline monohydrate generic

2 Fletcher RH, and Fairfield KM, “Vitamins for Chronic Disease Prevention in Adults: Clinical Applications”, JAMA. 2002;287(23):3127-3129. enterococcus uti ampicillin dose

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