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Executive Summary

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Lifestyle Medicine Consultants, Inc. (LMC) offers evidence-based turn-key systems for weight loss and nutrient prescription for the medical office. LMC owner, Frederick T. Sutter, MD, MBA is a physiatrist who has integrated these programs with traditional Physical Medicine for over 15 years. He is board certified in PM&R and Electrodiagnosis and earned an MBA in Health Sciences from Johns Hopkins University in 2001. He is joined by Linda Showalter, BS in Exercise Physiology with expertise in cardiac rehabilitation; knowledgeable orthopedic clinical manager and medical office administrator; experienced entrepreneur/owner national home inspection company with training facilities and product sales. LMC offers high-impact consulting, resulting in rapid and effective implementation of LMC products.

LMC Mission: To offer our unique products and expertise to physicians, allowing them to benefit financially while meeting burgeoning market demand. LMC provides business and clinical operating systems to assist the busy clinician with incorporating evidence-based weight loss and nutrient prescription to improve patient outcomes. puedo tomar viagra si no la necesito

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Problem/Opportunity: In the context of declining physician reimbursement, it makes sense for the physician to develop insurance-independent revenue streams by providing services for the largely unmet demand of patients seeking medically guided weight loss and nutrient therapies to optimize their health. There is no other entity that can do this more effectively than the medical office. hvad er generisk viagra

Solution/Products: LMC offers two products, Weight Loss 5X5™ and Physician Nutrients. The 5X5 program is an outcomes driven, fully personalized, whole food based weight loss program that integrates Lifestyle Medicine (LM) guidelines of diet, exercise, and sleep hygiene in a comprehensive program. Patient reported outcomes and biometrics guide the provider to effectively produce clinical results. The 5X5 program is the result of years of clinical experience and includes evidence-based LM features in addition to all office operations and marketing to promote rapid implementation in the busy clinician’s office. Physician Nutrients is a complete medical office application whereby pharmaceutical grade nutrient supplements are prescribed and offered for patient convenience in the medical office. LMC educates physicians using peer review research on efficacy, quality and safety of prescribing nutrients and how they may be ethically provided for the patient’s convenience. Each of these products utilizes physician extenders and office staff to provide services, transitioning staff overhead from cost center to revenue center. The demand on physician time is limited to supporting the process using a convenient, pre-printed recommendation sheet to initiate medically indicated treatment and to follow up as medically indicated to monitor response. nezeljeni efekti viagra

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LMC differentiates itself by offering peer to peer consultation and turn-key products for busy clinicians to provide lifestyle medicine treatments for disease, safe lifetime weight loss and evidence-based, medically supervised nutrient therapy in the medical office. Dr. Sutter’s credentials and clinical experience complemented by Ms. Showalter’s expertise with medical administrative operations creates high impact consultation, superior customer service and rapid return on investment.

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